Geomorphometry 2018 Publications on PeerJ

August 13–17, 2018 | Boulder CO, USA

5th International Conference of the ISG


  • 12 August 2018: Submit  4 page abstract to PeerJ as a preprint which will get a DOI, inclusion on the conference landing page, and track views and downloads.
  • 15 Nov 2018: Submit the final paper to PeerJ, and as a preprint at the same time.

The conference collection landing page is now online:

The first preprint is now online:      You can track views and downloads.

Submission directions.

Publications from the conference will be a Collection on PeerJ (their term for special issue):

4 page conference papers will be a “preprint” and will not be considered peer-reviewed (very prominent on the page), but will be part of a collection for the conference.  This is optional, but we would like for every paper to be there.

  • One of the authors for each paper must upload to PeerJ.  This is required because you must certify that you have the rights to upload the paper.  You must also indicate that your work is part of the Geomorphometry 2018 collection, in a comments box.
  • On acceptance by PeerJ, your preprint will be assigned a DOI and archived.
  • Preprints are free
  • If you submit the preprint to PeerJ, the conference web site will link to it, and we will remove the copy on our web site to avoid confusion about multiple versions of the “same” 4 page paper.  PeerJ will add some markup to your submission, so it will look different.

If you want to pursue journal publication, the revised and expanded paper can also be submitted as a preprint, and you could ultimately have the conference abstract (preprint #1), the draft paper (preprint #2), and the final journal paper, all linked.

Optional PeerJ Journal paper

  • You must pay for publication: Each author can get a lifetime membership: Basic $399 (1 peer-reviewed publication per year), Enhanced $449 (2 peer-reviewed publications per year), or Premium $499 (5 peer-reviewed publications per year), or you can pay an "APC" (Article Processing Charge) per article or USD $1,095.  The APC is cheaper for 3 or more authors (but consider future papers), and might be the only way to get a grant/employer to pay.
  • Some institutions have arrangements with PeerJ to handle publication costs  or  
  • The paper must be data-driven research articles.  PeerJ only considers Research Articles and Literature Review Articles. It does not accept Hypothesis Papers, Commentaries, Opinion Pieces, Case Studies, or Case Reports.
  • Aims and scope: 
  • Author instructions: .  The format does not closely match what we have used, but neither has most of the journals our papers have gone to.
  • Journal does peer review, and journal editor makes decisions.  They do not have guest editors affiliated with our conference.